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Writer's Choice

Pick a genre, pick a character, pick up your pen!

Writer's Choice - where you pick the fandom
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fanfic challenge community where you pick the fandom that works for you and that prompt
Writers' Choice (100 to 1000 word (or more) drabbles)

Moderators: taibhrigh and lasairfhiona

Here's how this works:

On Sunday evening or Monday morning one of us will post the challenge for the week. Our challenges are now open ended. The drabbles can be anywhere from 100 - 10000+ words (or more, just remember to use the lj-cut tag should you go over say 300 words). Writers' Choice means you get to pick the genre (anime, movie, tv, original, etc). You get to pick the characters, etc. We have a few rules, but we'll get to them in a moment. Here's an example:

theme: friday night at the movies
example of drabbles: (1) Highlander: The Series - the first time Richie went to the movies with Duncan and Tessa or (2) Stargate: SG1 - the first time teal'c is taken to the movies

Get the idea now?

There are 50 challenges each year (see the note on the bonus round as to why there are not 52).

The Rules:
(1) No real person fiction. No real person slash. [Yes, you can mention Harrison Ford in a drabble but the drabble can't be about Harrison Ford's friday night at the movies.] We get that RPF/RPS is the hottest thing in fandom since sliced bread, but Writers_Choice is not the place for it.

(2) Label your posts. Each should have the following minimum information:

Challenge #:
Link: (if posting to to AO3 or elsewhere)

Additional information that should be provided when applicable and could be helpful to gain readers:


(3) All genres (het, slash, gen...heck, even Mary Sue) are welcome. Please label your posts as such if they contain material that could be considered "mature" in any way. If you are uncertain about whether you should label, please either contact one of the moderators or just play it safe and label. All ficlets that contain material that could be considered "mature" need to be placed behind the lj-cut tag.

(4) Answers to community challenges (drabbles/ficlets, etc) may contain content of an adult nature. 'Adult' implies nudity, violence and/or sexual themes as described in the written word. All stories of an adult nature should be placed behind the lj-cut tag and should include a warning in the header text before the lj-cut explaining that there is adult content. [EX: Warning: This drabble contains content of an adult nature.]

(5) Be mindful of the text you use in your lj-cut and please keep it work safe.

This community uses LJ tags to make searching for stories and authors a little easier. Authors, please tag all your drabble posts with author: your lj name, fandom: fandom of your drabble

For new authors and new fandoms, please use the new: fandom or new: author tag. Once a week or so one of the Mods will go in and create new tags for anything posted with those tags.

(1) Feedback is not required, but it bumps you up on the Karmic Wheel.

(2) All challenges will be marked as Memories for this community so that they can be easily found.

(3) We'd like to request that people use the option of the cut tag for longer entries, but we won't be policing it. Just be mindful when posting longer (line-wise) drabbles.

(4) ALL non-fic posts need to be Mod Approved before they are posted to the community. Not After.

(5) And we have an FAQ that might help answer other questions.

(6) If you are not sure about a rule or have a question, please email any of the mods or respond/comment to any wc_moderator post and ask them. (Maybe you're not the only who has that question.)

Bonus Round:
Well actually, it's what we like to call the Open Challenge. Every year around the winter holiday season, we will post a list of all the previous challenges and then, like you can now, pick anything from that list you like. The more the merrier! [Okay, you caught the mods...we're actually just taking a week off...but we really do post a list of all the past challenges and you really can pick and choose and mix and match and write and post until you can't no more.]

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